Global Cybersecurity Camp (GCC) Online 2021

This is my writing on joining GCC Online 2021

What is GCC?

GCC is an annual 1-week international cybersecurity training program.
Each participating country takes responsibility to host each annual edition. (Source:

Mission of GCC

Strengthen the security community across Asia and nurture future global leaders. Annually, the best 48 students (maximum) from member countries gather in one of the participating countries for a week to exchange experiences, forge a life-long friendship, and learn from the best cybersecurity professionals. Non-commercial education programs and communities organize the program supported by industry leaders who care about the safe digitalization of the world.

NanoSec Asia

NanoSec Asia is a newly created security community that organizes events that focuses on all things security for the Asia Pacific region based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They started off in 2018 by organizing a 1-day vendor-neutral conference called ‘Nano Security Conference’ — which now has become an annual event.

Which Country Participate?

Here is the list we can get from the GCC website.

Timetable Of GCC 2021 Online


Despite COVID 19, I manage to participate in GCC 2021 and learning new knowledge in Cybersecurity fields. There is a step-by-step process to join which firstly to submit our resume and finally, we will get in touch to go for an interview. There is a total of 4 weekends which start from January 16 until February 7 which each of every student would be split into a group. The course topics for GCC 2021 were Cryptography, IOT & Home Security, APT Threats, Platform and Challenges. Although every weekend there will be a lecture there is also group work that needs to be done!

Each group needs to choose one topic to discuss and present at the end of the program. Here is the list of topics that we should consider.

  • TECH — Explanation of new cybersecurity tool (Open Source)
  • TECH — What kind of cybersecurity tools do you want to make?
  • GENERAL — How will change the security caused by COVID-19?
  • GENERAL — What is the Asia Cybersecurity Issue in 2021?
  • BREACH — Choose a data breach and explain it.

We learn plenty of knowledge and I would say it’s open my mind that there are many Cybersecurity Knowledge that I need to get to know at least. Since I’m not from a security background nor have a network background it quite hard to understand some terms.

Hands-on experience with group work taught me a lot about how to communicate, exchange ideas and brainstorm. If any of my groupmates read this, I would like to say thank you for having me in our group :) A lot of talented people join and it motivates me to keep passionate and learning. One of the lectures is about honey pot and it’s the first time I hear about “T-Pot”

It’s an interesting topic and I will share it here if anyone wants to read this. Who knows in the future it might come in handy! The most challenging is the robust protocol open challenge as we need to develop one. I know all teams have struggled with this but congratulations to the winner, their results were very impressive O.O!

Not to forget having a lecture on reverse engineering APT Malware was something I will not forget! Having to know how to utilize the usage of Ghidra give me some idea in the future.

All of the lectures were very fresh and new for me :) Thank you to all of the lectures from Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan for sharing with us and expose real-world cases and scenarios that help us open our minds. Before the end of the ceremony, I manage to create what I called a poem? (hope so.. haha)

Please Learn Python and C

Do Not Forget What We Learn Sweetie

3 Weekends In Here We Learn Cybersecurity

To Conclude Thank You GCC

At the end of the GCC, each team would have the chance to join one of the CTF from Taiwan. The challenge was really nice and I would like to share one of the challenges which are related to “Zodiac Killer”. Since I forgot to screenshot the image I recreate the challenge with Python to make things easier :) Below is a documentary for these incidents.

This is what I have created using my Python script :) Feels free to try (I hope this working haha)

Feels free to check my GitHub and will add more features in the future!


Thank you to all friends from Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia that I met during the event. Keep doing our best and hope to see everyone in future! (hopefully physically).



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